At PremiumSoft, we provide software solutions to support non-profit organizations. Our company helps educational institutions and individuals who work for non-commercial purposes to get the most out of their software investment. Our Navicat Non-Commercial Licensing Program offers Navicat at an incredible discount, providing an ideal way to make Navicat more affordable.

Navicat Non-Commercial Licenses are restricted to educational and non-profit use, and should be registered to an organization which falls into one of the categories below:

  • Accredited public/ private Educational Institutions providing full time instructions
    (e.g, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Middle Schools)
  • Registered Non-profit organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Libraries
  • Research Institutes
  • Museums
  • Churches

For individuals, if you are a person who is not working for a corporation, company, partnership, association, or any other organizations, and will not use the product for commercial purposes then you are also eligible for the non-commercial licenses.

Commercial companies and Government departments are required to purchase our Commercial Licenses.

The Non-Commercial Licenses of Navicat is identical to the Enterprise edition of its equivalent product, but for non-commercial use. Please visit our feature matrix to compare different versions.

Order Now

To order the licenses you may either purchase directly from our Online Store or you may order by sending us a Purchase Order. For more details regarding Purchase Orders please visit here.

If you have any questions regarding the Non-Commercial Licensing Program, please contact us by submitting a ticket at our Support Center.

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